WaveRadar REX2

The latest development in reliable sea surface measurement

Key Features:

  • 3 – 80m Measurement Range
  • Extremely Low Power
  • Real Time Display
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Multiple Offshore Hazardous Certifications
  • Minimal Export Restrictions

WaveRadar REX2 was designed, developed and extensively trialed by RS Aqua since 2017, to ensure it meets and exceeds the high performance standards set by its predecessor WaveRadar REX, which had close to 1,000 offshore installations.

Announcement from Managing Director, Martin Stemp

Trials and White Paper

Field trials for prototype WaveRadar REX2 sensors took place during 2017-2019 in coastal situations, assessing, optimising and proving the REX2 ability to withstand prolonged marine conditions and to measure waves, side by side to a legacy WaveRadar REX.  Throughout 2019, WaveRadar REX2 was installed on a Stena Saga ferry operating twice per day in the North Sea between Norway & Denmark, to prove the effectiveness of REX2 when situated ~30m from the sea surface, and to prove the motion compensation capabilities for moving vessel installations.  The ferry passed within a few km of a Datawell Directional WaveRider Buoy on each transit, which provided excellent validation of the wave measurement performance of WaveRadar REX2.

Click for the White Paper detailing the WaveRadar REX2 field trials

WaveRadar REX vs WaveRadar REX2

Comparison of new WaveRadar REX2 to legacy WaveRadar REX

WaveRadar REX WaveRadar REX2
Measurement Range 3-65m 3-80m
Accuracy 6-12mm 3-6mm
Sampling Rate 10Hz 10Hz
Microwave Sensor Frequency 10GHz (controlled frequency) 26GHz (open frequency)
Automated error correction NO YES
Warranty period
18 months standard YES YES
3 years extended YES YES
5 years extended NO YES
Data & Power
Output Data Rate 2-10 Hz (not user configurable) 2-10 Hz (user configurable)
Data Output Frequency RS232 RS485
USB & Ethernet Output Option NO YES
Power Supply 10-28 VDC / 220-240 VAC 8-32 VDC
Power Consumption 10W average 0.4W, peak 1W
Software Options
WaveConfigurator set up software NO YES
WaveView Connect processing software YES YES
Motion Compensation system for moving vessel installations YES YES
LCD sensor display NO YES
Field Bus Modem required YES NO
Construction Anodised aluminium & PTFE SS316 & PTFE
Weathershield YES YES
Weight:  sensor / packed ~ 26kg / 45kg 9kg / 15kg
Size:  sensor / packed ~ 45x45x65cm/80x60x62cm 25x25x37cm/40x40x55cm
Europe – E1 ATEX Flameproof ATEX/IECEx YES      (FM15ATEX0055X)
USA – E5 Explosionproof (XP) ATEX/IECEx YES      (FM-US FM16US0010X)
Canada – E6 Explosionproof ATEX/IECEx YES      (FM-C FM16CA0011X)
International E7 IECEx flameproof ATEX/IECEx YES      (IECEx FMG15.0033X)
RoHS compliant lead-free PCBs NO YES
Low cost uncertified version NO YES

Image shows to scale size difference of WaveRadar REX and WaveRadar REX2