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Turner Designs have specialized in providing sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use fluorometers for environmental and industrial uses. They focus on the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds.

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RS Aqua's Current Turner Designs Featured Product

CyanoFluor: Handheld HAB Indicator

Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) occur when algal colonies grow extensively under the right conditions. These HAB’s can produce toxins that can be detrimental to fish, marine mammals, birds and even humans. They can also alter parameters that are crucial to aquatic life, like dissolved oxygen and light penetration. A reliable and cost effective early detection system for HABs is something researchers have been trying to develop for many years.

Identifying different algal groups within a planktonic community is important as some of these may be toxic and lead to HABs, particularly cyanobacteria. Turner Designs have developed the CyanoFluor to quickly estimate the abundance of cyanobacteria in a mixed algal population. It does this using PC (phycocyanin) to CHL (chlorophyll) ratios. Monitoring PC to CHL ratios over time enables users to predict the onset of HABs and mitigate their harmful effects.

The CyanoFluor is a field-portable fluorometer which can quickly analyse raw water samples and display results in less than 30 seconds. It is field ready, requires no calibration and is incredibly stable and reliable over time.

Here at RS Aqua, we believe that due to its small size, internal data storage, and intuitive functions, the CyanoFluor is the perfect tool for early identification of HABs.

Product Groups

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Submersible Fluorometers

The diverse range of submersibles include single and multi-channel fluorometers available for detection of parameters such as chlorophyll, fluorescent dye tracing, blue-green algae (phycocyanin and phycoerythrin), crude oil, refined fuels, tryptophan, CDOM, optical brighteners, turbidity and pCO2.

Field & Handheld Fluorometers

There are a number of handheld fluorometers availble for quick in field measurements of turbidity, fluorescence, early ID of harmful algal blooms (HABs) and estimations of total chlorophyll and photosynthetic efficiency “health” of algae using in vivo fluorescence detection.

Laboratory Fluorometers

The Trilogy is Turner Designs laboratory fluorometer which features snap-in modules and is configurable to parameters ranging from absorbance, fluorescence or turbidity. The Trilogy is highly accurate and features optics that are not available with the submersible sensors, such as ammonium, silicate and nitrates.

Ballast Water Indicative Compliance

The Ballast-Check 2 Handheld Fluorometer was developed for quick indicative compliance checks in the field, to comply with newly established regulations on ballast water due to it’s ecological and economic damage.


About Fluorometry

What is Fluorometry?

Fluorometry is an analytical technique to identify the type and abundance of certain particles within the water column.

A fluorometer will emit a wavelength of light which has been tuned to excite a specific fluorescing particle. When such a particle receives that light and becomes excited, it emits its own wavelength of light which is different to the one it received. The fluorometer quantifies the amount of light emitted back, which provides an indication of how much of that particle is in the water column.

Parameters that can be measured:
  • Absorbance
  • Active Fluorescence
  • Ammonium
  • Chlorophyll
  • Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter
  • Coliform
  • Cyanobacteria
  • Fluorescent Dye Tracing
  • Optical Brighteners
  • Oil & Fuel in Water
  • pCO2
  • Tryptophan
  • Turbidity

About the Company

Turner Designs are an American company based in San Jose, California. They have been providing sensitive, reliable and easy to use fluorometers for environmental and industrial uses for more than 45 years.

Turner Designs specialize in the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds. Not only this, but they provide in-depth instrument support and technical support for the life of the instrument, which are designed to enhance simplicity and improve quality. Their aim is to support ecological stability and local non-profit organisations, and are currently sponsoring the Marine Science Institute.

For more information on Turner Designs, visit their website here.

Fluorometry Diagram: Stewart & Giannini, 2016
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