Technical Support Services

We provide high-level, front-line technical support for all of our products and services, regardless of whether it’s our own product, or manufactured by one of our partners. The level of support depends on the equipment and ranges from full in house calibration and maintenance services to remote software installation assistance.

Our technical personnel are trained to the highest standards with industry, scientific and military experience bringing the skills required for the harsh marine environment.

RS Aqua's newest wave measurement system the WaveRadar REX2
Datawell Waverider Calibration

Datawell Service & Calibration Centre

RS Aqua is home of the only Datawell-installed Wave Rider buoy Calibration and Service Centre, outside of The Netherlands (the home of Datawell). The centre was installed in March 2013 and all calibrations or service works are offered with the same certification and warranty as if the work was carried out by Datawell – giving customers the reassurance and convenience they need with minimal disruptive downtime.

To compliment the calibration and service centre, we carry the full range of Datawell spares and consumables, ranging from mooring components to HF receivers, antennae, anodes and more.

RS Aqua can test and repair measurement systems, telemetry systems, and undertake hardware and firmware upgrades. Advanced technical training combined with integration and adherence to the Datawell Quality Assurance regime and our own quality procedures, ensures that servicing of equipment is to the highest standards, as expected by the world’s elite survey and scientific organisations.

Biofouling protection for marine instruments and platforms

Biofouling control is a key consideration for the deployment of marine instruments and platforms used for scientific research, military applications and commercial oceanography.  The accumulation of biofouling decreases data quality, increases maintenance cost, and until now has limited the use of some sensor types and platforms for long term deployments.  RS Aqua now offer the ClearSignal® antifouling protection system which provides permanent protection for marine instrumentation such as ADCPs, CTDs and echosounders as well as submersible platforms such as buoyancy gliders.

ClearSignal is applied in a controlled facility using state-of-the-art industrial coating processes. The intended substrate and instrument type are significant engineering design components of the ClearSignal system. The product formulation is also adjusted for the particular marine application.  Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Clearsignal anti-biofouling coating

Wave Glider mission services and custom integration

Wave Glider® users call on RS Aqua for expert support throughout each and every stage of a Wave Glider mission. From the early scoping and planning stages of a project, our marine technology specialists offer assistance by carrying out feasibility studies, mission planning, use of turnkey or customised sensor suites and other payloads. Our technical staff have executed many successful Wave Glider missions in coastal and offshore environments throughout Europe.

We can plan and coordinate your mission, launch and recover unmanned surface vehicles, coordinate data collection and data management.  We have delivered Wave Glider systems with custom sensor payloads, like towed acoustic arrays, integrated camera systems (above and below the sea surface) and we have worked with existing Wave Glider users to develop and fully integrate various other sensor payloads.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Iridium Data & Telemetry

Many of our sensors and systems can transmit data via Iridium satellite. For instance, Datawell’s Waverider buoys, metOcean telematics’ Novatech iBCN range of beacons and various other Iridium Hardware all make their data available in near real time, online or in your inbox. RS Aqua’s relationship with one’s of the world’s largest (Top 3!) Iridium VARs, metOcean telmatics, allows us to deliver your sensors and systems with the Iridium accounts activated, tested and pre-configured, so you can get to work as soon as your equipment is delivered.  This arrangement allows RS Aqua to be you a single point of contact for technical support and commercial / billing enquiries for the complete sensor or systems package; hardware, data telemetry and data hosting / display services all delivered by RS Aqua.

Iridium Pilot

Hosted Software & Bespoke Solutions

Many of our sensors can be provided with proprietary software developed by the manufacturer.  In some instances the software is a highly capable data display and processing package, in other cases this is more of an engineering and configuration tool.   RS Aqua, driven by demand for flexible and hosted / cloud-based software services, have worked with our partners to deliver various bespoke software packages.  For instance:

  • online / hosted software for real time display and analysis of Datawell waverider buoy directional wave statistics
  • real time wave statistics from a Wave Radar REX (IP, radio, satellite or cellular telemetry) and a weather station, available securely on your smart phone or web browser
  • real time tide, wave and sea level data from an RBR bottom pressure recorder (BPR), available online
  • real-time, vessel motion compensated wave and draught data from Wave Radar REX installed on vessels that are underway, accessed on the locally on the ship’s bridge, or online

Contact us with your requirements, our software packages are easily configurable.


We maintain a pool of rental equipment kept in excellent working order, fully serviced and calibrated, with the latest firmware and software.  You can be assured that you will be renting equipment from RS Aqua that it is, almost, as good as new, and fully supported by RS Aqua.  Search in the Product section of our website for Rental products, and contact us with your particular requirements if you can’t find what you need.

Many of our partner organisations extend the availability of their own rental equipment pools through RS Aqua.  Contact us for further information, terms & conditions and availability.

Datawell buoy deployed for the Channel Coastal Observatory

Training Courses

Our technical team can provide training in Datawell waverider buoys, Wave Radar REX and Liquid Robotics Wave Glider operations.  Training courses can cover system design, commissioning, installation, servicing and maintenance, software, data management and more.  Courses can be delivered at RS Aqua or at a client’s site / work area in the UK or Ireland.

Additional training is available from many of our partner organisations in collabration with RS Aqua.  Contact us for further information!