Wave hello to the Wirewalker – wave powered profiling

Product Description

The DMO Wirewalker can be configured with up to ten channels of data, using either the RBRconcerto3 or RBRmaestro3 instruments. Add the RBRfermata3 battery canister to extend deployments by a factor of 20 and provide power for inductive telemetry to the surface.

Our RBRcervello data controller can be mounted on the surface buoy and will retrieve real time data via an inductive link. Data are stored onboard and can be transmitted anywhere in the world via Iridium or GSM link.

Moored or free-floating, the Wirewalker is uniquely customizable without complicated ballasting. Durable but simple construction also means easy deployment from a tiny skiff or a large research vessel.


  • Rapid Vertical Profiling – Powered by Ocean waves
  • Standard 300 m depth profiling – available up to 1000 m
  • Deploy with any RBRconcerto3 or RBRmaestro3
  • Custom sensor configuration
  • Moored and drifting deployments possible
  • System designed for efficiency and ease-of-use
  • 6 Hz profiling data to the surface

Additional information


Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO)


Coastal monitoring, Data buoy, Deep water, Ocean Research


Conductivity, Currents, Depth, Dissolved oxygen, ORP, PAR, pH, Pressure, Salinity, Temperature, Turbidity


Wirewalker datasheet

RBRcervello datasheet

RBRfermata3 datasheet

MLM-1000 datasheet