WaveView Connect Software

Robust real-time processing of raw wave data from one or more sensors, including Wave Radar REX and Datawell Directional Waverider buoys.  Also includes motion compensation capabilites to compute wave statistics from Wave Radar used on a moving ship.


WaveView Connect

WaveView Connect provides robust real-time processing of raw ocean wave data from one or more sensors, producing a full suite of deterministic, spectral and tidal sea state parameters. WaveView Connect combines a modern user interface, a step-by-step setup wizard, and a full and configurable feature set, making it the perfect choice for both end users and system integrators. The integrated Web View display presents the real-time data in a web browser, either on the host PC or remotely, to multiple concurrent users.

Industry Standard Wave Processing Algorithm

The wave processing algorithm used by WaveView Connect has been tuned and validated in close cooperation with international oil majors, with data being subject to continuous independent quality control. This algorithm produces the most accurate and reliable wave data on the market.


  • Quadratic tide filtering
  • Adjustable output rate (up to 1 second)
  • Fully configurable suite of real-time quality control checks

Supported Sensors

WaveView Connect supports serial port, TCP/IP (connect or listen modes), and UDP/IP. Compatible wave sensors include:

Motion Compensation

The built in motion compensation extension integrates motion measurements to improve the quality of ocean wave data where the Wave Radar sensor is mounted on a moving vessel. The motion effects are subtracted from the air gap measurements in real-time prior to the usual wave processing.


  • Supports heave sensor mounted at a different location to the wave sensor
  • Pitch and roll data are used to compensate for radar inclination
  • Configurable timing lag between motion and wave data

Supported motion sensors:

  • $PSMCC (SMC)
  • TSS (Telydyne TSS DMS, iXBlue PHINS)
  • $PRDID
  • Generic ASCII heave/pitch/roll

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