WaveRadar REX2

Improving upon RS Aqua’s world-leading WaveRadar REX, the REX2 is the new standard for wave and sea level measurement in offshore, maritime and coastal environments.

Product Description

WaveRadar REX2

The new WaveRadar REX2 (right) next to WaveRadar REX (left)

  • Compact & lightweight

  • 400 mW consumption

  • Back compatible with WaveRadar REX installations.

  • 3 – 80 m range

  • High accuracy (3-6 mm, dependent on range)

  • Realtime display

WaveRadar REX2 was designed, developed and extensively trialled by RS Aqua since 2017, to ensure it meets and exceeds the high performance standards set by its predecessor WaveRadar REX, which had close to 1,000 offshore installations.


Field trials for prototype WaveRadar REX2 sensors took place during 2017-2019 in coastal situations, assessing, optimising and proving the REX2 ability to withstand prolonged marine conditions and to measure waves, side by side to a legacy WaveRadar REX.  Throughout 2019, WaveRadar REX2 was installed on a Stena Saga ferry operating twice per day in the North Sea between Norway & Denmark, to prove the effectiveness of REX2 when situated ~30m from the sea surface, and to prove the motion compensation capabilities for moving vessel installations.  The ferry passed within a few km of a Datawell Directional WaveRider Buoy on each transit, which provided excellent validation of the wave measurement performance of WaveRadar REX2.

White Paper detailing WaveRadar REX2 trials

WaveView Software

WaveView Connect software is an optional processing and display programme, for static or moving vessel installations.  WaveView Connect provides robust real-time processing of raw wave data from one or more sensors, producing a full set of wave and tidal sea state parameters.  Processed data can be displayed locally, on the web, or output to third party applications.  The optional motion compensation extension enables high quality wave data from a moving vessel.

WaveView Connect with motion compensation is proven on the worlds largest cruise ships, on ferries, jack-ups and workboats throughout the world.

WaveConfigurator Software

WaveConfigurator is a brand new, simple to use GUI for users to connect to and configure their WaveRadar REX2 within a matter of seconds.  This custom build utility is freely available and complements our WaveView Connect software suite which provides wave data processing for static or moving installations, and a suite of remote connectivity options.


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WaveRadar REX2 Datasheet