WaveRadar REX

WaveRadar REX has now been superseded by WaveRadar REX2

A third generation, non-invasive, highly stable system for the measurement of Waves, Sea Level and Air Gap in the offshore environment.


WaveRadar REX

We have supplied almost 700 WaveRadar REX to the global offshore and maritime sectors for ocean wave measurement.  WaveRadar REX is the leading Wave Radar instrument globally.  We are now supplying Wave Radar REX with optional power and telemetry enclosures, IP, satellite or cellular telemetry systems, local and hosted software WaveView Connect, vessel motion compensation modules (software and MRU or gyrocompass hardware if required), mounting frames, Continuous Operation and Data Enclosure (CODE) and more.

Microwave radar is the perfect medium for ocean wave measurement in the harsh offshore environment. Sampled at high frequency, the radar pulses provide an exceptionally stable and accurate measurement of sea surface and ocean wave profile. The high level of achievable and stable accuracy makes WaveRadar the ideal tool for Sea Level, Air-Gap and Wave data acquisition.

The downward looking non-contact sensor uses a microwave radar technique to measure distance to the sea surface and wave heights. The microwave signals are very low power and present no safety hazard. Acquired distance measurements are continuously collected and processed for output to a data bus. Output values can be displayed and stored to industry standards on a remote PC or may be interfaced to multi-parameter environmental monitoring systems.

WaveView Software

WaveView software is an optional processing and display programme which enables users to derive wave parameters, sea level and air gap data.

WaveRadar Rex provides digital (RS232) and analogue (current loop) outputs as standard with either AC or DC power options. The sensor is BASEEFA03ATEX, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) EEx and International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEx) certified for use in hazardous zones, in addition to DNV, ISO and CE certifications as standard.


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Sea level, Tides, Waves


Rosemount Tank Radar (Emerson), RS Aqua


Coastal monitoring, Offshore renewable energy, Offshore Wave Climate, Ports & Harbours, Telemetry, Wave Radar