VR2W Receivers

VR2 Series Receivers – Monitoring & Tracking

A range of Monitoring and Tracking Receivers used to detect signals from Vemco’s line of ultrasonic Coded and Continuous Transmitters. A full comparison of the features of each receiver can be found here

Product Description


The VR2W-69 kHz is an acoustic monitoring receiver that is affordable, compact, easy to use, long-lasting and versatile. This receiver is ideal for research projects ranging from small river monitoring to freshwater lake studies to multi-researcher, multi-tracking operations in large oceanic systems. The VR2W is capable of identifying all VEMCO 69 kHz coded transmitters and provides researchers with a robust, reliable means of studying the migration and behaviour patterns of a wide variety of species as they travel across vast distances.

The VR2W-180 kHz is used with the V4 and V5-180 kHz transmitters. Weighing just 0.24 grams in water (0.42 grams in air), the V4 tag is the latest addition to VEMCO’s line of miniature coded transmitters. The V4 and V5 (0.38 grams in water, 0.65 grams in air) enable researchers to track and monitor smaller fish and a broader range of species than ever before! Note that V4 and V5 tags can only be detected by VEMCO’s VR2W-180 kHz receivers. Choosing the 180 kHz frequency enabled VEMCO to develop small, lightweight tags that would operate well in both salt and fresh water environments.


The VR2Tx – 69kHz Acoustic Receiver combines a VR2W receiver with a built in V16-like transmitter that allows communications with receivers while still deployed. The VR2Tx maintains all of the existing features of the VR2W plus much more, including improved VPS, the ability to retrieve receiver status and surface to receiver communications via a VR100 receiver.


The VR2AR – 69kHz  Acoustic Release and Receiver combines a VR2Tx Receiver and an acoustic release along with a V16-like transmitter which allows researchers to remotely retrieve deployed receivers and communicate to the surface without retrieving the unit. The VR2AR maintains all of the existing features of the VR2Tx plus a quick and reliable acoustic release, compatible with RS Aqua’s own Acoustic Release Canister (ARC) Systems.


The VR2C – 69kHz cabled receiver enables researchers to have a permanent, real-time communication path to the receiver allowing them to easily check on the status of the receiver in the field and upload data at any time. The VR2C is designed to easily communicate to, or integrate with, the users top-side unit or surface hub. This might be a laptop computer, off the shelf data logger, instrumentation buoy, underwater glider, etc.

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Fisheries Research




Aquatic Animal Acceleration, Aquatic Animal Depth, Aquatic Animal Location, Aquatic Animal Temperature


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