VR100 Receiver – Active Tracking

The VR100 is a multi-role receiver for active tracking of tagged animals and communication with submerged transponding receivers such as the VR2Tx.

Product Description

Multi-role Receiver

The VR100 is a general purpose acoustic receiver designed for manual tracking of aquatic animals from small boats or for recording laboratory data. It is also required as a surface communication deck box for remote communications with the VR2Tx Transceiver and VR2AR Acoustic Release and Transceiver. With the VR100 you can now communicate with these receivers while deployed to locate receivers, get health and detection statistics and provide easy, remote release of the VR2AR.

The VR100 can be used to track coded (both 69 and 180 kHz) tags as well as continuous tags simultaneously on a wide variety of animals ranging from salmon smolts to sharks. Depending on the transmitter type, the receiver can also collect telemetry data such as temperature, depth and acceleration.


The VR100 is used with the VH165 (50-85 kHz) and VH180 (180 kHz) omni-directional hydrophones, the VHTx (50-85 kHz) transponding omni-directional hydrophone, the VH110 (50-85 kHz) and VH180-D directional hydrophones. Directional hydrophones extend the receiver’s capabilities for real-time animal tracking studies. Note that all VEMCO hydrophones are sold separately.

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Fisheries Research




Aquatic Animal Acceleration, Aquatic Animal Depth, Aquatic Animal Location, Aquatic Animal Temperature


VR100 Receiver Data Sheet

VHTX-69k Transponding Hydrophone Data Sheet

VH110 Directional Hydrophone Data Sheet

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