69 kHz Transmitters: V7 to V16

A range of 69 kHz Data Telemetry Tags and Transmitters used for tracking and monitoring fish and aquatic animals in residency and migrations studies.

Product Description

Coded tags are surgically implanted or externally attached to the aquatic animals being tracked. They emit coded transmissions which are uniquely identifiable by any VEMCO receiver.

VEMCO coded tags come in a variety of sizes, power outputs, battery life and sensor options. The following table provides a quick comparison of what’s available to help you choose the most appropriate tags for your study, and the different tags are described in more detail in the datasheets. Please contact RS Aqua for expert advice on which tags are best suited for your study and species.


V7 to V16 tag comparison

Additional information




V5 & V6 Data Sheet

V7 Data Sheet

V8 Data Sheet

V9 Data Sheet

V9AP Data Sheet

V13 Data Sheet

V13AP Data Sheet

V16 Data Sheet