Submersible Holographic Microscope

4-Deep’s Submersible Holographic Microscope allows you to quickly and easily observe micro-organisms and particles in depths of up to 5 kilometres.

Product Description

Real Time Analysis of Water

The Submersible Holographic Microscope can collect and reconstruct holograms at a rate of 16 frames per second at full size, and up to 50 frames per second with binning. A 4 Mpix hologram is reconstructed in under 65 ms; up to 1000 times faster than the closest competitor. The tethered cable of the submersible serves as a power source and Gigabit Ethernet connection. With real time data flow and image analysis users have the advantage of on-line results. The stored holograms also contain all of the information required for off-line processing.

See Volumes

The submersible microscope has a 3D holographic imaging sensor that rapidly samples objects within a volume of 60 ml / min. Sampling through a volume allows a larger number of objects to be detected and measured than with traditional optical lens microscopes without a need for focusing. The submersible microscope is also ideal for tracking fast moving objects.

Seamless Interaction

The Submersible Holographic Microscope system works with either Octopus, Swordfish, or Stingray Software. The Octopus software offers researchers advanced imaging features and has the capability to move freely through the holograms in volume and time. This provides a real 4D analysis capability and allows for velocity calculations.

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Drinking water, Fisheries Research, Ocean Research, Pollution Monitoring




Imaging, Phytoplankton, Wastewater


Submersible Microscope Data Sheet

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