Vessel Mounted SeaTRAK ADCP and DVL

The Rowe Technologies SeaTRAK family of vessel-mounted ADCPs represent the industry’s state of the art in acoustic Doppler technology. The compact form factor and powerful electronics provide a versatile platform capable of producing precise bottom-referenced velocity, current profiles measurements and echo intensity measurement.

Product Description

Available in 300 kHz, 600 kHz and 1200 kHz the SeaTRAK family of instruments uses a common core set of electronics in a flexible form factor. With a removable hull mounting adapter ring, and a versatile power and communications interface box, SeaTRAK provides a cost-effective, extremely capable instrument to address a wide variety of oceanographic coastal survey applications and vehicle navigation. SeaTRAK can be fitted directly to the hull. used in a moon pool or temporarily mission-deployed over the side.

SeaTRAK’s user-selectable signal processing functions provide excellent temporal, spatial and velocity resolution and precision. User-programmability features provide capability that is particularly useful in variable depths and near shore applications. Multi-modes such as Broadband, Narrowband, Pulse Coherent and Vessel Tracking provide many different field data collection options. The ability to interleave up to 12 independent missions allows simultaneous collection of long range and high resolution data in a single data file. GPS position, speed and heading information can be directly integrated into the data field to ensure lifetime data integrity.

The SeaTRAK ADCPs are well-suited for a variety of coastal and continental shelf oceanographic applications such as current surveys, plume tracking, renewable energy site surveys, coastal engineering and port/harbour verification studies. Rowe systems are easily integrated into the shipboard environment for long-term vessel operations.

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SeaTRAK high frequency data sheet

SeaTRAK low frequency data sheet