Riptide µUUV

Riptide µUUV – Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Riptide’s family of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) combine the best in class hydrodynamics, ultra low power processing and game changing new energy technology, while significantly reducing vehicle costs. These flexible, modular systems can easily be scaled, tailored and customised to affordably solve your subsea challenges.

Product Description

Riptide UUVs

Riptide Autonomous Solutions is offering a new, highly flexible, open source autonomous undersea vehicle that provides users a state-of-the-art, low cost development solution ideally suited for developers of autonomy and behaviors, power systems, subsea sensors, and new payloads. The UUV family consists of three vehicle sizes: The µUUV (4.875″/124mm diameter), 1 Man Portable (7.5″/191mm diameter) and 2 Man Portable (9.375″/238mm diameter). The UUV family features common open hardware and software interfaces to provide users a reliable and robust set of platforms to advance technology development. Vehicle design has been optimised for high efficiency with the best hydrodynamic signature in its class.

Riptide’s µUUV features three individually actuated control fins providing active roll stabilization. An active GPS antenna, WiFi communications, and vehicle status LED’s are integrated into the vertical control fin, reducing the vehicle’s hydrodynamic signature for maximum efficiency. Open system design provides for easy, user modification and customization, making this an ideal platform for a wide variety of development needs. Multiple energy source options allow maximum flexibility for endurance, safety, shipping, and mission optimization.

Sensor Payloads

All Riptide UUVs are equipped with a set of standard sensors to enable safe navigation of the vehicle. This includes a low power AHRS, altimeter and a depth sensor. A range of standard sensor payload options can be supplied fully integrated into Riptide’s UUV range to provide increased capability to each vehicle. These payloads include:

  • Range of high accuracy navigation sensors & doppler velocity log for improved navigational accuracy
  • Conductivity, Temperature & Depth (CTD) sensors
  • Sidescan Sonar
  • Interferometric sonar for bathymetric measurements
  • Iridium Communications
  • USBL and Acoustic modems
  • A wide range of other options – please contact with RS Aqua with your requirements


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