RBRmaestro³ | Multi-Channel Logger

A multi-channel C.T.D+ logger for profiling or long term moored applications, with a range of supported 3rd party sensors available for direct integration.

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Product Description

RBR’s most flexible, option-packed, multi-channel logger.

•240M readings
•Up to 16 Hz sampling
•USB-C download
•Twist activation
•Wi-Fi ready
•Supports 3 to 10 channel combinations
•Realtime communication with USB, RS-232, or RS-485

Available Sensors:
Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure (Depth), Dissolved Oxygen, Fluorescence, Nitrate, ORP, PAR, pH, Transmissance, Turbidity, Voltage, Water Sampler

RBR’s multi-parameter, multi-channel loggers are designed to provide you with the flexibility to select the right combination of sensors for your water quality measurements. The choice of up to ten sensors can be integrated with the logger. The loggers are available in two configurations: one for autonomous deployment and one for water column profiling. The recorders can be equipped with data and power connections to facilitate remote access or remote data acquisition. There are a number of different sensors that can be used with the recorders, for example: Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, pH, ORP (RedOx), Dissolved Oxygen, Fluorescence, Turbidity, Transmittance, PAR, and others.


  • Submersible, autonomous 24-bit data logger
  • 16 Hz maximum sampling rate
  • 240 M readings
  • Up to ten sensors in custom configurations can be integrated
  • Sensors include, Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (Pressure), pH, ORP (RedOx), Dissolved Oxygen, Fluorescence, Turbidity, Transmittance, PAR, and many others in any combination
  • C, T, D and DO are measured to WOCE standards
  • All calibration constants are stored in the logger
  • Re-calibration of many sensors may be carried out by the end-user under suitable conditions
  • 8 AA cells
  • USB-C download
  • Optional RS-232 or RS-485 serial communication allows realtime operation over long cable links using the Ruskin application
  • Mooring clamps and cages are optional and rugged transit cases are recommended
  • Deep and shallow water versions

Features of the RBRmaestro³|fast (Profiling)

The |fast profiling version of the RBRmaestro³ logger includes all of the above features, plus:

  • 8 or 16 Hz maximum sampling rate options
  • Averaging
  • Thresholding capability (logger only samples while submerged or under specific conditions)
  • Optionally, a fast response dissolved oxygen sensor (Response: approximately 1 sec for 63% at 25° C)

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Deep water, Metocean, Ocean Research, ROV, Water Quality


CDOM, Chlorophyll, Conductivity, Depth, Dissolved oxygen, ORP, PAR, pH, Pressure, Salinity, Temperature, Turbidity


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