RBRfermata & RBRfermette³ – Underwater battery canisters

More battery power. Up to 20x more.

Product Description

The RBRfermata battery canister, rated to 750 dbar, is capable of extending deployments for all RBR instruments and any other devices requiring a nominal 12 V supply. Four MCBH connectors are mounted on the top end-cap, and the battery pack design includes 56 D-cells, soldered with reverse- and short-circuit protection, in a single wrapped pack.

The RBRfermata prolongs the life of all deployments by providing 1 kWh of power to any underwater instrument. For standard RBR instruments, this is approximately a 40x improvement to our extended battery carriage capacity.

As an alternative, you can also extend your deployments using the compact RBRfermette3. Featuring a single MCBH connector, this battery canister accommodates 8 AA cells.

Drawings for the battery packs are available to aid local sourcing, particularly in the case of lithium packs (which further increase autonomy).

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Coastal monitoring, Data buoy, Deep water, Ocean Research




RBRfermata3 datasheet

RBRfermette3 datasheet