RBRcoda³ T.ODO – Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

RBR’s small, low power optical dissolved oxygen sensor for deep water and long term applications

Product Description

RBRcoda³ T.ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The RBRcoda T.ODO is an optode with exceptional performance. With a standard accuracy of 8 μmol/l but a power consumption of only 36 mJ/sample, it is without a peer in optical oxygen measurement tools. Rated to 6000m depths and trivial to integrate, it is one solution for all deployments. Available in moored (30 second τ), standard (8 second τ), or profiling variants
(1 second τ – coming Q3 2018).


  • Supply voltage: 7-15V (12V nominal)
  • Depth rating: 6000m
  • Interface: RS232 polled or streaming
  • Measurement Range: 0-500μM (saturation 0 – 150%)
  • Accuracy: Maximum of ±8μM or ±5%
  • Resolution: <1μM (saturation 0.4%)
  • Sampling Rate: 24hr to 1Hz

Output Values:

  • Temperature
  • Dissolved O2 concentration (μmol/L)
  • Dissolved O2 concentration (salinity compensated) (μmol/L)
  • Dissolved O2 saturation (%)
  • Dissolved O2 phase (°)

Additional information




Coastal monitoring, Deep water, Ocean Research, Water Quality


Dissolved oxygen, Temperature


RBRcoda3 T.ODO datasheet