Variable Buoyancy Autonomous Ocean Profilers

MetOcean’s group of profilers are effective, innovative, and rugged solutions that offer unparalleled configurability—meeting specific Ocean Profiling deployment needs.

Product Description

 MetOcean Profilers

The ocean is large and it is filled with a lot of information. The MetOcean family of profilers are innovative subsurface profiling floats, which are configurable so the user can define mission depths. MetOcean floats are extremely compact, light-weight and do not require ballasting prior to deployment. MetOcean also offers a solution to measure environmental acoustic ambient noise in order to detect the presence of marine mammals. They can also assess the impact of noise pollution.

A high-pressure pump is used exclusively to increase buoyancy by transferring fluid to an external bladder. Subsequently, a manifold valve is responsible for achieving negative buoyancy by decreasing the volume of the external bladder. The pressure differential between the internal and external bladders provides the necessary displacement for numerous ocean applications.


The NOVA and NAMI autonomous profiling floats feature fully integrated, high precision C.T.D sensors produced by SeaBird and RBR respectively. The DOVA float is an expansion of the NOVA float, with the addition of a dissolved oxygen sensor.


All three profiler variants are capable of operating autonomously for extended periods of time, five years or 150+ profiles, to a maximum depth of 2000 m, the MetOcean group of profilers are effective, innovative, and rugged solutions that meet specific deployment needs.

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