Porpoise underwater acoustic noise recorder

PORPOISE: Single Channel Recorder and Digital Hydrophone

Compact and intelligent underwater acoustics in a low power and low cost package.

Product Description

The PORPOISE underwater noise recorder and digital hydrophone system has taken all the processing power and real time data streaming capabilities of its big brother, the ORCA, and compressed that into a compact and streamlined single-channel package.

With highly configurable sampling rates, intelligent on/off scheduling, configurable hydrophone settings, real-time data processing and real time data streaming with TRAC software, PORPOISE is truly the smartest single-channel system available.

RS Aqua are also able to provide ClearSignal® anti-fouling coating to PORPOISE as an in-house service to reduce the impact of biofouling on your instrument.

Porpoise Key Features

  • Real time streaming of raw audio
  • Up to 4 TB internal SD memory
  • Internal battery and optional external battery packs
  • Embedded hydrophone or third party hydrophone via connector
  • Very low power

Low Power Consumption

  • 48 Hour Continuous Recording at 384 ksps sampling rate on 12 internal AAA batteries
  • 182 Days Continuous Recording at 384 ksps sampling rate using strap on external 36 D cell pack

Technical Specifications

Power Internal Power: 12 x AAA Cells (user replaceable)
External Power: 4.5-30V DC, Standard “snap on” packs available
Acoustic Analogue Bandwidth > 150 kHz, less than sea state 0
ADC: 24 Bits Sigma Delta
Dynamic Range: 110 dB (full bandwidth)
Configurable Gain: 0 dB – 40 dB
Maximum Sensitivity: -165 dB Re 1 V/µPa to 205 dB Re re 1 V/µPa with gain control
Sampling Rates Supported:
24 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz, 384 kHz
Programmable High Pass Filter: Software Controlled
Memory Up to 4 TB, internal removable SD card storage
Configurable recording, schedule and duty cycling
Dimensions 70 mm x 233 mm, 4.5 lbs
Signal Processing Coming soon
Coming soon
Communications Real time Ethernet streaming – spectrograms, live audio, configuration and data download
Environmental 500 m standard depth rating, up to 2000 m.
Operating Temperature: -10° C to 50° C
Integrated Sensors Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
External Integration GPS input for PPS time synchronisation
Real time buoy

Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

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