PhytoFlash Submersible Active Fluorometer

An in-situ submersible active fluorometer used to determine the quantum efficiency of phytoplankton in both oligotrophic and mesotrophic environments.

Product Description

PhytoFlash Highlights

  • Digitally integrate into CTD or third party system
  • Large internal memory allows for self-contained deployment with external battery pack
  • Low power consumption <1W typical
  • Optional solid secondary standard provides quick & easy method to verify calibration
  • Blue version for all algae and Red version specific to cyanobacteria

Active Fluorometer

The PhytoFlash is distinct from other fluorescence instruments on the market in that it is the first solid-state instrument capable of variable fluorescence measurements on natural concentrations of phytoplankton. The solid state platform allows for a much wider range of uses due to its small size, power efficiency, more stable components, and lower price point.

The PhytoFlash detection system is best described as a short-pulse, multiple turnover variable fluorescence system. The technique utilises 3 low-intensity LEDs to monitor minimum fluorescence (Fo) and, after saturating the cells in the sample chamber using 6 high-intensity LEDs, measures maximum fluorescence (Fm). Users are able to define the saturation duration (200 – 10,000ms) of the high-intensity LEDs. In Laboratory Mode, users are able to view the response curve. A Flow Through Cap is available to allow for dark adaptation for all three operational modes (Self-Contained, Integrated and Laboratory).


Three operational modes are available with the PhytoFlash; Self Contained Mode (uses internal data logging system and rechargeable battery pack), Integrated Mode (connection to a third party system), and Laboratory Mode (provides full reporting of response curve).

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Coastal monitoring, Wastewater, Water Quality


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PhytoFlash Data Sheet

PhytoFlash User Manual

PhytoFlash Optical Specification