DWR MKIII Waverider Buoy

The MkIII Directional Waverider hardly needs any introduction. It is the world standard for measuring wave height and direction.


MkIII Directional Waverider

The standard MkIII Directional Waverider platform is a compact and robust accelerometer assembly with pitch & roll sensors. These combine with horizontal accelerometers and a compass to provide a comprehensive measurement of wave parameters.

Data is continuously output via a HF radio system and/or logged internally. Iridium satellite and GSM options extend the range of communications.

When using the HF radio link with its receivers, data can be stored directly onto a network or streamed across the internet, to be received simultaneously by several end users, including capability for WaveView Connect Software integration.

High capacity internal batteries provide a continuous operation for up to 3 years (90cm buoy) or 1 year (70cm buoy), without battery replacement. An optional Hybrid solar power system extends operational life by 100%.

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