Minilog II-T

Minilog-II-T Data Logger

The Vemco Minilog-II-T is a compact, submersible temperature data logger that records temperature information for a variety of data collection applications.

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Product Description

Submersible Temperature Logger

The Minilog-II-T fully submersible, 10-year temperature data logger measures and stores temperature at specified sampling intervals. Designed for monitoring in the harsh conditions of a deep marine environment (up to 500 metres), the Minilog-II-T is used in any application where temperature readings are desired. The MinilogII-T data logger is manufactured to withstand both fresh and saltwater environments.

Vemco Field Reader

Offload data in the field without a laptop using the autonomous Vemco Field Reader, a rugged, water resistant handheld Reader. A fast optical communication interface with the Reader allows typical study samples of ~10,000 to offload in 7 seconds. The Reader also indicates if your data logger battery or memory is low.


  • Monitoring temperatures in alpine lakes
  • Small stream management programs
  • Measuring temperature changes in lakes and ocean areas to determine the impact on local marine life
  • Soil temperature measurements and monitoring
  • Aquaculture site observation
  • Waste water temperature monitoring
  • Long line thermistor chains with multiple data loggers
  • Food, drug and medical supply transportation monitor

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Coastal monitoring, Fisheries Research, Water Quality






Minilog-II-T Data Sheet

Vemco Field Reader Data Sheet