iSPHERE – Current/Oil Spill Tracking Drifter

A drifting buoy designed to track and monitor surface oil spills and/or surface currents using the bi-directional iridium satellite system.

Product Description

iSPHERE Tracking Buoy

The iSPHERE is an expendable, low cost, bi-directional spherical drifting buoy. The drifter was developed to meet the demanding needs of the offshore oil industry, ocean freight industry and the oceanographic scientific community. The buoy was designed specifically to track and monitor oil spill incidences. The iSPHERE drifter also provides the user with essential real-time sea surface temperature data and GPS positional data. The robust design allows the buoy to be deployed effortlessly from a vessel or an oil platform. The standard operating life of the buoy is approximately 180-365* days.

Iridium Satellite System

This new-generation buoy uses the bi-directional Iridium® satellite system to communicate and to transmit essential scientific data. Iridium telemetry is the most cost-effective means of transmitting data for environmental applications. The internal Iridium modem provides the end-user with lower transmission costs and an increase in data throughput. The two-way communication allows data transmission intervals to be customised remotely.

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