Iridium Modems, Transceivers & Accessories

A range of Iridium modems, transcievers and accessories to enable satellite data transmission via short burst data, circuit switched data or RUDICS.


Pico 9603 Modem

The Pico is a GPS enabled controller board featuring the world’s smallest commercially available satellite transceiver, the Iridium 9603N, making it one of the smallest modem solutions available on the market. Performing as more than just a serial controller, the Pico includes a high-performance 32 bit microcontroller, enabling control of various on-board peripherals.

Hecto 9602 Modem

The Hecto is an Iridium certified, HALT tested full SBD transceiver package, integrating the incredibly dependable Iridium 9602N transceiver. With the Hecto Deluxe Edition, customers can easily communicate GPS and custom data over the Iridium network using a high performance 32 bit microcontroller. The Hecto can get you to market faster in a wide range of applications, including asset tracking, remote area communications and industrial controls and monitoring.

Tera 9523 Modem

The Tera modem solutions integrates the powerful Iridium 9523 L-Band transceiver, providing users with an easy solution to communicate data over the network using SBD, CSD, and RUDICS. The Tera Deluxe Edition is GPS enabled and includes a 32 bit microcontroller, Micro SD Card Slot and a USB port, making this robust solution easy to use and versatile across both small and large data applications.

All of the above modems are also available as a transceiver only option for OEM’ing directly into PCB boards. Other modem and transceiver variants are available, please contact an RS Aqua sales adviser for more information.

Iridium Accessories

RS Aqua can also supply a range of accessories to facilitate satellite data transmission, including modems, developer kits, relay board kits and daughter boards. All of the above hardware can be activated by RS Aqua.


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