Instrument Spheres

Vitrovex Flotation Spheres

High quality, pressure resistant glass flotation spheres to provide buoyancy for deep ocean research applications. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and pressure ratings up to full ocean depth (12,000m).

Product Description

Vitrovex Flotation Spheres

All stationary and autonomous instrumentation for observational activities in ocean research have two things in common. They need pressure-resistant housings and buoyancy to bring instruments safely back to the surface. The growing use of Vitrovex glass flotation spheres as an ideal solution for these requirements is a direct result of the benefits of glass, compared to other products and materials


  • Immense strength to weight ratio
  • Resistant to breaking – low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Remarkable transparency and clarity with smooth, pore-free surface
  • Inherently inexpensive
  • Corrosion resistant, non-polluting and ecologically friendly
  • Non-magnetic and electrically non-conductive

Standard Spheres

Vitrovex Flotation Spheres are available in 3 main sizes, with the following depth ratings:

17″ Diameter – 6,700m, 9,000m, 12,000m

13″ Diameter – 7,000m

10″ Diameter – 10,000m

Protective shells are available for Vitrovex glass spheres in smooth or ribbed design and bright orange or white (17″, ribbed only) colour. They can be used to assist mounting and retention or just as protection for the sphere. Protective shells are neutrally buoyant and made of polyethylene. Vitrovex protective shells interface directly with Nautilus Marine Service’s Eddygrip system for attaching flotation directly to a subsea mooring.

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