Fiobuoy – Seabed Asset Recovery

A submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system designed to release itself from its underwater mooring at either a predetermined time and date or by acoustic command allowing recovery.


No Surface Presence

It is often of benefit to avoid the use of surface buoys to mark where your underwater equipment or assets are located. Surface buoys can attract the attention of prying eyes and can be a danger to other vessels operating in the area. The Fiobuoy allows you to covertly mark your seabed asset and recover it at a time of your choice.

Fiobuoy Options

The Fiobuoy can be triggered at a predetermined date and time (Date and Time version) or upon command from an acoustic deck unit fitted with a dunking transducer (Acoustic version). Two standard depth ratings are available for each version, 100m and 200m, although it is not necessary to install the full capacity of rope.  Two ropes are available for the buoy; Aquatec which has a breaking strain of 1,500kg, and Dyneema with a breaking strain of 5,000kg.


Communication with the Fiobuoy and the Deck Unit is possible via an Infra-red cable connection. Constructed using a zero leaks philosphy, the Fiobuoy does not have any external connectors that could leak or corrode in the marine environment. The Infra-red light is actually transmitted through the casing of the buoy. Commands can be sent from a laptop computer or a Psion handheld controller is available.

Once the Acoustic buoy is configured it enters a low power mode to maximise the battery duration. It can be programmed to only be acoustically active during daylight hours for example, again to prolong the battery life.

Upon release, the Fiobuoy unspools the rope in a controlled manner while rising to the surface. This controlled rope release method avoids the tangles and premature rope releases that can often occur with other rope canister devices on the market.

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