DWR-G Waverider Buoy

The DWR-G wave buoy measures waves with help of the Global Positioning System to the same level of accuracy as the traditional accelerator based sensors in the MkIII and DWR-4 buoys.

Product Description

DWR-G Directional Waverider Highlights

  • Wave Motion Sensor based on GPS
  • Measures Wave Height and Direction
  • GPS for buoy monitoring and tracking through HF link
  • Multiple Communication Options including Iridium and Argos
  • HF transmitter range 50 km over sea

The DWR-G range of buoys and wave sensors provide the same quality and measurement accuracy of wave data as other Datawell Waveriders without the use of a sensor platform. The GPS based compact sensors are employed in the standard 70 and 90cms hull sizes but, in addition, a small portable size 40 cm buoy (as used in ‘Operation Iceberg’ by BBC Science) is ideal for short period engineering and monitoring operations. The sensor itself is also available for OEM applications aboard third party navigation buoys or databuoys.


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Coastal monitoring, Data buoy, Metocean


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DWR-G Data Sheet

DWR-G4 Data Sheet