Desktop Holographic Microscope

4-Deep’s Desktop Holographic Microscope uses a 405nm fiberoptic coupled laser to detect and analyse objects within a volume. Objects as small as 1 μm and as large as 2mm can be accurately measure, imaged and counted.

Product Description

Explore Volumes

The desktop holographic microscope has a 3D holographic imaging sensor that rapidly samples objects within a volume. Sampling through a volume allows a larger number of objects to be detected and measured than with traditional optical lens microscopes and without the need for focusing. The camera and object can be moved along the optical axis to control magnification of the system and there is a 3D translation stage to explore the sample volume.

Real in-situ Measurement Capabilities

The desktop holographic microscope can collect and reconstruct holograms at a rate of 17 fps at full size. A 4 Mpix hologram can be reconstructed in under 65ms – up to 1000 times fast than the closest competitor. The stored holograms also contain all the required information for off-line processing.

Glass bottom dishes make for ideal sample holders to explore freely swimming samples allowing organisms to be imaged during normal behaviour for truly in situ imaging.

Users can explore the volume and take measurement of particles sizes automatically or along user defined planes. Plane imagines and volume reconstructions can be saved for further inspection.

Seamless Interaction

The Desktop system works with either Octopus, Swordfish, or Stingray Software. The Octopus software offers researchers advanced imaging features and has the capability to move freely through the holograms in volume and time. This provides a real 4D analysis capability and allows for velocity calculations.


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Drinking water, Fisheries Research, Ocean Research, Pollution Monitoring




Imaging, Phytoplankton, Wastewater


Desktop Microscope Data Sheet

Octopus Software Brochure

Swordfish Software Brochure

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