Cuvette Holographic Microscope

4-Deep’s Holographic Cuvette Microscope allows you to quickly and easily observe micro-organisms and particles quickly and easily in the lab or field.

Product Description


The compact cuvette microscope uses standard size spectroscopic quartz cuvettes to image samples, enabling the user to rapidly prepare a specimen for imaging without the need for delicate slides or costly and time consuming dyes. Live samples from the lab or field can be directly imaged, and the software packages run seamlessly for in-situ counting and imaging of microscopic objects with 2 micron resolution.



With one button operation, capturing holograms or count data from the cuvette microscope is easy and fast – no focusing is necessary during data capture. The software packages have background removal, and simple analysis tools.

The results can be obtained in 3 easy steps:

1. Place a liquid sample into a standard quartz spectroscopic cuvette.
2. Insert cuvette into the microscope.
3. Use supplied software to image live organisms in 3D environment, size, count and characterise objects in real time. No sample staining, preperation, or focusing is needed.



Cell Biology
Cancer Research
Blood / urine collection
Settling of Cells
Cell Growth

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Imaging, Phytoplankton