Permanent biofouling protection for marine instruments



ClearSignal® is a passive non-toxic polymer that acts as a biofouling inhibitor and foul release coating. It uses advanced material technologies to achieve its non-stick properties and performance. The permanent coating is designed to last the life time of the platform or instrument that it is protecting. Unlike traditional antifouling systems which rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal biofouling protection remains 100% effective with no diminishing performance.

ClearSignal was originally developed for the offshore seismic exploration industry with later adaptation for the larger oceanographic user community. The system is applied in a controlled facility using state-of-the-art industrial coating processes. The intended substrate and instrument type are significant engineering design components of the ClearSignal system. The product formulation is also adjusted for the particular marine application.


  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Robust coating able to withstand offshore use
  • Long term effectiveness with no diminishing of antifouling performance over time
  • Visually clear – instruments and platforms retain all marking and identification features
  • Designed to last the lifetime of the instrument or platform
  • Significant reduction in downtime caused by biofouling

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