C6 Multi-Sensor Platform

The C6 multi-sensor platform is designed to incorporate up to six Cyclops-7 submersible fluorometers for a broad range of optical measurements.


C6 Highlights

  • Allows for individual control of each sensor – up to six in total
  • Easy to set up sensors in the field
  • Pressure and depth integrated
  • Mechanical wiper and battery pack available for extended, self-contained deployments
  • Fast sampling rate
  • Custom Optics available

Multi Sensor Platform

The C6 Multi-Sensor Platform integrates up to six Cyclops-7 fluorescence and turbidity sensors for extended or short-term deployments. The C6 provides individual automatic gain control, calibration, digital data reporting and datalogging for each Cyclops-7 sensor. Each unit comes with factory-installed temperature and pressure sensors. C-Soft Windows™ based user interface allows for intuitive calibration, datalogging set up, and file downloading. Existing Cyclops-7 users can easily install their sensors onto the Multi-Sensor Platform.


Standard cyclops-7 optics include: Chlorophyll a in vivo, Blue Green Algae (both Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin), Fluorescein Dye, Rhodamine WT Dye, Turbidity, PTSA Dye, CDOM/FDOM, Crude Oil, Refined Fuels and Optical Brighteners. Custom optics can also be configured to suit your application.


Additional information


Coastal monitoring, Wastewater, Water Quality


Turner Designs


Ammonium, CDOM, Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, FDOM, Fluorescein, Histamine, Optical Brighteners, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, PTSA dye, Refined Oil, Rhodamine, Tryptophan, Turbidity, Wastewater