C3 Submersible Fluorometer

C3 & C6P Submersible Fluorometers

A submersible platform capable of incorporating up to three optical sensors ranging from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum.

Product Description

C3 & C6P Highlights

  • Up to six optical sensors can be installed
  • Custom Optics available
  • Fast response temperature sensor included
  • Onboard datalogger capable of recording over 60,000 data lines
  • Optional mechanical wiper and pressure sensor
  • Suitable for self-contained deployments or digital integration into third party system

Submersible Fluorometers

The C3 & C6P submersible fluorometers are compact platforms rated to 600 metres which can be configured with up to six optical sensors. Standard optics include: Chlorophyll a in vivo, Blue Green Algae (both Phycocyanin and Phycoerythrin), Fluorescein Dye, Rhodamine WT Dye, PTSA Dye, Turbidity, CDOM/FDOM, Crude Oil, Refined Oil and Optical Brighteners. Custom optics can also be configured to suit your application.

The internal datalogger combined with the optional rechargeable lithium ion battery creates a totally self-contained package that can be deployed for extended periods. A mechanical wiper is available to keep the optics clean throughout the deployment. The temperature sensor and optional pressure sensor provide additional important environmental data. The C-Ray Towed Deployment Body allows a C3 to be securely towed behind a vessel at a fixed depth, enabling measurements to be taken over large geographic areas.

Easy to use C-Soft software is provided with the instrument to manage the data. It handles the configuration of the sonde, downloading the data, calibration and real-time numerical or graphical display. Alternatively, the digital RS-232 or analogue output signal can be interfaced into a third party system such as a CTD.

C-FINS™ Fluorometric Integrated Nautical Mapping System

C-FINS™ integrates the C3™ Submersible Fluorometer’s digital output with GPS to enable easy visual mapping of data. A simple software module enables C-FINS™ and ArcGIS® to work together allowing for real-time mapping of fluorescence, temperature, depth, and turbidity. The ability to capture and integrate these georeferenced data sets reliably using the C-FINS™ package is a powerful tool for researchers.

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Coastal monitoring, Wastewater, Water Quality


Turner Designs


Ammonium, CDOM, Chlorophyll, Crude Oil, FDOM, Fluorescein, Histamine, Optical Brighteners, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin, PTSA dye, Refined Oil, Rhodamine, Tryptophan, Turbidity, Wastewater


C3 & C6P Data Sheet

C3 & C6P Optical Specification Guide