C-Sense Logger

C-Sense Logger

A logger that utilises the high specification C-Sense probe from Turner Designs for long term measurements of pCO2.

Product Description

C-Sense Logger Features:

  • Portable and submersible
  • 4GB Internal storage
  • Re-Chargeable batteries
  • User Friendly USB interface
  • 600m Depth Rating
  • Visualisation Software included.

The C-sense Logger is a submersible, portable device that records pCO2 measurements from a Turner Designs C-Sense over a period of time. Data can be collected at a variety of sample rates, selected by the customer, and stored internally. Data is offloaded to a computer via a USB cable for easy viewing and analysis. Each recorded sample includes the sensor measurement, time, date, and temperature. PME adapted their logger technology to the Turner Designs C-sense sensor and re-chargeable battery pack in order to produce a complete submersible logger for users. It is designed for applications immersed in water, oil or water and oil mixtures.

The C-sense Logger arrives ready to go. It is set to measure and record time, battery voltage, temperature, and CO2 sensor output once every 10 minutes and write 1 file of measurements daily. It is possible to change the sample rate of the logger by using the software provided. The C-sense probes are purchased from Turner Designs and integrated onto the PME data logger.


Additional information


Coastal monitoring, Water Quality


PME (Precision Measurement Engineering), Turner Designs




C-Sense Logger Data Sheet

C-Sense Logger Manual