Ascent Acoustic Release

The Ascent is ruggedly designed for superior performance, reliability and real-time communications. It’s suitable for long term deployments with more than two years of battery life.


Ascent Features

  • Depth rating: 500m
  • 28 months of battery life
  • Real-time unit health information retrieval
  • Quick and reliable release within ~30 seconds
  • Copper sleeve to reduce biofouling on release mechanism
  • Compatibility with RS Aqua’s Acoustic Release Cannister (ARC) equipment recovery system

Shallow Water Acoustic Release

The Ascent has been designed specifically with shallow water in mind. It utilises a much higher frequency than the majority of acoustic releases available on the market for improved reliability and to reduce reflections in <500m depth. The ascent benefits from Vemco’s sophisticated transmission protocol, developed through 35 years of underwater communications experience. Coded communication messages allow a large amount of information to be transmitted to the surface deck box, including; unit health, tilt, depth, temperature, remaining battery life, release status (armed, activating etc), range to uni and depth. Coded communication messages also help eliminate false triggers, ensuring your asset stays submerged for the duration of the deployment.

Surface Communications

The VR100 Deck Box is used with a transponding hydrophone to communicate from the surface with deployed ARs and provides easy, remote release of your marine instruments. Researchers will be able to retrieve real-time unit status information using a simple interface

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