AquaFlash Handheld Active Fluorometer

The Aquaflash Handheld Active Fluorometer is a rugged instrument designed for the quick assessment of photosynthetic efficiency in the field.

Product Description

AquaFlash Highlights

  • Results in <15 seconds -Total Chlorophyll (µg/L), Photosynthetic Efficiency (yield)
  • Quick Calibration Check
  • Handheld, Battery Powered
  • Highly Durable Case
  • Internal Data Logging
  • 10,000 measurements per AA battery set

The AquaFlash provides quick and accurate estimations for total chlorophyll and photosynthetic efficiency “health” of algae using in vivo fluorescence detection. The sample is saturated with high intensity light to quickly attain the maximum fluorescence state of algae. The fixed saturation pulse is optimized for this package enabling accurate results in less than 15 seconds. Simply insert a 10x10mm square glass or quartz cuvette with your sample and press READ. Results are displayed and automatically logged to be viewed or downloaded at a later time. The AquaFlash has a total data storage capacity of 1,000 measurements which include raw fluorescence values along with calculated estimates for user reference.

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Coastal monitoring, Wastewater, Water Quality


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AquaFlash Data Sheet

AquaFlash User Manual