SeaExplorer X2

Alseamar’s latest iteration of its buoyancy glider, SeaExplorer X2 combines large buoyancy drive, independent low power navigation & payload processing and external battery recharging & data download, resulting in significantly reduced vehicle running costs. These flexible, modular systems can easily be tailored and customised, including sensor packages exclusive to SeaExplorer X2, to affordably fit your subsea deployment needs.


Propelled by the largest available buoyancy drive, the SeaExplorer glider is a simple to deploy, open source autonomous underwater vehicle. Capable of very large spatio-temporal deployments up to 3200km, the SeaExplorer enables year-round data collection in remote areas of the ocean, with minimal support.

The glider is controlled by two independent CPUs, one for navigation and the other for payload and includes large wet & dry payload sections. This is all housed in a highly manoeuvrable and compact wingless design, with two pairs of small rear mounted tail fins providing stability during profiling and ease of deployment for shallow & deep water operations. SeaExplorer X2 features open source firmware and bottom sensor integration, to provide users a reliable and robust platform for surveys in remote locations and challenging conditions. The glider also includes external battery recharging and Ethernet port access for data download. This removes the need for vehicle opening, therefore significantly reducing costs, logistical requirements and time in between deployments. During surfacing, the glider can alter its orientation to point the antenna skyward, which allows two-way satellite communication for data transmission and receipt of mission updates. To save battery, the platform can switch to a bottoming mode and remain dormant for up to 6 months on the sea floor to save battery.

Sensor Payloads

SeaExplorer X2 can be equipped with up to 6 sensors, with the largest selection of third party instruments able to be implemented on any glider. This includes a range of standard sensors listed below:

  • Range of high accuracy navigation sensors & doppler velocity log for improved navigational accuracy
  • Conductivity, Temperature & Depth (CTD) sensors
  • Dissolved Oxygen (Optode or Electrochemical)
  • Chlorophyll / Turbidity / CDOM
  • PAR
  • ADCP
  • Nitrates
  • pCO2
  • Echo sounder
  • Fluorometers options (Puck)

There are also a selection of sensors exclusively available on SEAEXPLORER, including:

  • Hydrocarbons / Sewage / Pesticides
  • Methane
  • µTurbulence
  • Passive Acoustic Recorder (customizable)



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AUV, Defence and security, Glider, Metocean, Ocean Research, Unmanned systems


CTD, ADCP, Dissolved Oxygen, Chla, Turbidity, CDOM, PAR, Nitrates, pCO2, Echo sounder Hydrocarbons/Sewage/Pesticides, Methane, µTurbulence
Passive Acoustics