ADCP – Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

Product Description

Rowe Technologies represent the industry state-of-the-art in acoustic Doppler technology. The compact form factor, powerful electronics and robust signal processing, provide a versatile platform capable of producing precise current profile measurements over extended ranges.

Each unit in the product family leverages a core, common set of electronics in a flexible form factor. This, combined with multiple packaging options, provides a cost-effective and extremely capable instrument to address a wide variety of oceanographic applications, from shallow water to full- ocean depth. Rowe Technologies ADCPs are available with single or dual frequencies between 75 and 1200kHz and in three different depth package options – 300 m, 3000 m, and 6000 m.

RS Aqua are also able to provide ClearSignal® anti-fouling coating to ADCPs as an in-house service to reduce the impact of biofouling on your instrument.

Rowe Technologies ADCPs are available in a wide range of configurations to suit your project specific requirements:

  • Direct Reading ADCP – SeaPROFILER
  • Self Contained ADCP – SeaWATCH
  • Vessel Mounted ADCP – SeaTRAK
  • 5th Vertical Beam – SeaWAVE
  • 7 Beam ADCP – SeaSEVEN
  • Horizontal Orientation – SurfaceWATCH
  • River Discharge Measurements – RiverQ

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Coastal monitoring, Data buoy, Metocean, Ocean Research, Offshore Wave Climate


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