180 kHz Transmitters: V4, V5 and V9

A range of 180 kHz Data Telemetry Tags and Transmitters used for tracking and monitoring fish and aquatic animals in residency and migrations studies.

Product Description

180kHz transmitters are designed to work well in both fresh and salt water. Depending on the conditions of your location, the V4, V5 can V9 have 150-200 metres range. The V4 and V5s are the smallest tags produced by VEMCO. The 180 kHz V9 has a longer battery life for conducting long-term studies of predator movements for up to two years.


The 180 kHz tags are activated using a handheld unit, the VEMCO Tag Activator (VTA), that is exclusive to the 180 kHz line of transmitters.

The 180 kHz tags are described in more detail in the datasheets. Please contact RS Aqua for advice on which tags are best suited for your study and species.

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180kHz V4 & V5 Data Sheet