DWR4 System

Truly End-to-End

RS Aqua have now provided multiple “end-to-end” systems for the DWR4 into the UK & Ireland. These complete packages provided by RS Aqua were truly end-to-end, providing all the required system elements from data acquisition through to the display of fully processed data. They were designed to remove some of the technical challenges involved with setting up a wave measurement system when no existing infrastructure or expertise existed. This allowed the end-users to spend more time focused on the job at hand, rather than setting up the environmental monitoring technology.

Datawell DWR4

The Mark IV directional wave rider buoy (DWR4) is the latest high specification wave measurement device offered by Datawell. The DWR4 utilises exactly the same sensor package as the MkIII wave rider; considered the industry standard for wave measurement. A number of significant technological advancements have been introduced for the DWR4, including the addition of acoustic current meters, an increased sample frequency and comprehensive internal health parameter reporting.

Data Reception & Hosting

In conjunction with our partner’s OceanWise, we have provided our clients with access to their secure online data hosting and display service – Port-log.net. Every data transmission from the buoy, via Iridium SBD/HF radio/GSM is received directly at Oceanwise’s servers, removing the need for any dedicated hardware at the client’s premises. Oceanwise’s servers were already set up to receive data in the DWR4s format, and script was in place to retrieve, process and display the received data files live.

In all cases, OceanWise have provided a completely custom interface and display, with custom data processing to suit the clients requirements. The Port-Log.net system also offered the ability for additional buoys or sensor stations to be added to the same interface. Providing a common flexible interface for a wide ranging environmental monitoring network.

Iridium SBD Communications

The majority of the end-to-end systems provided by RS Aqua have involved the use of Iridium SBD for transmitting wave & current data from the buoy. Iridium SBD is generally chosen for it’s complete global coverage and excellent reliability in all situations. Through our partnership with JouBeh Technologies, RS Aqua were able to deliver the Buoy system fully provisioned and activated on an Iridium airtime account. RS Aqua provide in-country billing and technical support for all Iridium accounts activated in through us.

About Datawell BV

Datawell was established in 1961 as a research laboratory for the development of general instrumentation. Specializing in the marine environment, Datawell developed the basic principles of the gravity stabilized long period motion sensors. Their best known products are wave buoys and ship motion sensors.