A WaveRadar REX installation completed by Fugro GB Marine on a Orsted wind farm.

Recently approached for an online, real time wave measurement solution, RS Aqua has developed a new cellular transmission system and online data viewing platform for WaveRadar REX. The solution was designed in partnership with marine data consultants OceanWise, and successfully supplied to a national meteorological agency in Africa.

WaveRadar REX data has been available online in real time for some time now through the use of a customised version of OceanWise’s Port-Log system. Generally wave data is sent to Port-Log via Ethernet, but in this case the REX was to be deployed in a coastal location with no Ethernet access. GPRS/GSM communications are available in the area which allowed us to take advantage of the cellular modem built into the Scannex ipBuffer data controller. Adapted by Oceanwise to meet IP ratings for environmental monitoring use and data acquisition, the ipBuffer is RS Aqua’s preferred data controller for offshore sensor data transmission. Below are pictures of the IP 66 enclosure used and the installed communication equipment.

enclosure img_0906  img_0903_1












The complete system was supplied ready to transmit WaveRadar REX data once the local SIM card details are added using the supplied configuration software. With requirements for real time environmental data increasing, RS Aqua will be utilising this cellular system with other sensors, and will be including an Iridium communication option as well.