Our partners are a select group of the world’s finest and most innovative marine instrumentation and subsea equipment designers, manufacturers and service providers, some of which we’ve worked with for more than 20 years.  Our partners are world leaders in their niche.

We work in close collaboration with our partners to ensure that RS Aqua’s technical specialists are fully trained and properly resourced to understand and assist our customers in their application.

RS Aqua offer front line technical support and application advice from our UK base.  Our close relationship with all of our partners allows us to offer an effective customer support service locally, before calling in our partners to offer advanced support or advice when needed.


Alseamar Website

Alseamar, based in Aix-en-Provence, France are producers of high-tech marine and subsea equipment. They develop high-performance naval systems, including the manufacturing of a variety of marine robotic Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

They provide naval, subsea and offshore services engineering expertise to extend the life of offshore installations, and naval platforms, making them a leading industry player in the AUV sector. Their primary product, SeaExplorer X2 is a cutting-edge powerful buoyancy glider, capable of persistent oceanographic monitoring over a vast spatio-temporal scale.


Datawell Website

Datawell was established in 1961 as a research laboratory. Specialising in the marine environment, Datawell developed the basic principles of the gravity stabilised long period motion sensors.  Today, Datawell are the global gold standard in directional wave measurement.  Their best known products are directional waverider buoys and ship motion sensors.

Del Mar Oceanographic

DMO Website

The Wirewalker™ was developed by the Ocean Physics Group, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla CA. under sponsorship from the Office of Naval Research and National Science Foundation. After extended development it is now produced commercially by Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO). The Wirewalker is a wave-powered profiler which harnesses the power of ocean waves for rapid propulsion to produce high-quality data.

Emerson (Rosemount)

Emerson Website

Emerson’s tireless pursuit of innovation drives the Rosemount portfolio of superior quality measurement and analytical technologies to provide customers with insight across all touch points needed to operate efficiently, safely, and with peace of mind.  The WaveRadar REX is an OEM derivative of Emerson’s TankRadar REX.  Developed and modified by RS Aqua and Rosemount, tested by offshore oil & gas majors, ship operators and engineers throughout the world.


Fiomarine Website

Fiomarine grew out of a need for improved safety in the water, with the goal of removing the amount of potentially dangerous surface marker buoys. Fiomarine now manufacture the innovative submersible Fiobuoy with acoustic or time based release mechanism. Their design conceals and secures underwater equipment whilst simultaneously allowing for a simple, safe retrieval and importantly removing any surface obstacles.


Innovasea Website

Innovasea are based in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. Specialising in the environmental monitoring of aquaculture sites, Innovasea design and manufacture the innovative aquaMeasure cableless realtime sensors. Never before has monitoring an aquaculture farm been so simple with data delivered from the pens to your phone wirelessly and in realtime.

Innovasea Fish Tracking

Vemco logo, Vemco design and manufacture fish tags
Innovasea Fish Tracking Website

Vemco is the world leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic telemetry equipment used by researchers worldwide to study behaviour and migration patterns of a wide variety of aquatic animals from salmon smolts to great whites. Vemco acoustic transmitters and receivers enable researchers to conduct world class studies in lakes, rivers and oceans that require real-time active tracking; long-time, large scale passive monitoring; fine scale positioning with detailed accuracy; and/or environmental monitoring.


Kongsberg Website

Kongsberg are a leading global player in the maritime industry, delivering systems for dynamic positioning and navigation, marine automation, safety management, cargo handling, subsea survey and construction, maritime simulation and training, and satellite positioning. Their echosounder systems are used world-wide and are considered to be the market leader.  RS Aqua have partnered with Kongsberg Maritime to supply echosounders and sonar products to the hydrographic, science and survey sectors.

Liquid Robotics

Liquid Robotics Website

Developers of the world’s first wave-powered, autonomous surface vehicle – the Wave Glider®. Wave Gliders are a long endurance autonomous platforms capable of conducting surveys over large distances. Liquid Robotics® provide a variety of products and services such as ready-to-order Wave Glider packages, custom builds and the option of receiving data from an existing Wave Glider. Liquid Robotics is a subsidiary of Boeing.

metOcean Telematics

MetOcean Telematics Website

metOcean telematics develop and manufacture state-of-the-art data acquisition and telemetry systems. metOcean telematics has been a world leader in integrated systems used for real-time environment monitoring, with specialization in the production of air-deployed and ship-deployed drifting buoys, search and rescue buoys, oil spill tracking buoys, ice platforms and acoustic systems, and defense and security systems.

metOcean telematics are also a prominent Iridium® Satellite Value-Added Reseller with a long history of assisting their customers to integrate Iridium hardware into a wide range of devices and applications. From Unmanned Surface Vehicles to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or Buoys and Profilers, their team understands the challenges you face when integrating and deploying your device. MetOcean telematics is the result of a longstanding natural partnership between MetOcean Data Systems and JouBeh Technologies.

Nautilus Marine Services

Nautilus GmbH Website

Nautilus Marine Services, based near Hamburg, Germany, are the manufacturers of VITROVEX® glass spheres. These high quality spheres are designed for floatation and instrument housings, with different shapes, sizes and pressure ratings up to full ocean depth available.


OceanWise Website

OceanWise provides a range of products to support the acquisition, telemetry, storage and publishing of marine environmental data.  These products include intelligent marine and coastal mapping data, enterprise GIS and productivity tools, environmental data sharing and publishing software and hosted services.

Open Seas Instrumentation

Open Seas Instrumentation Website

Open Seas Instrumentation supply mooring accessories for oceanographic research including the SUBS range of streamlined underwater buoyancy systems. The streamlined buoyancy is primarily designed for use in high current areas and models that house a variety of ADCP systems are available.

Precision Measurement Engineering

PME Website

PME design and manufacture reliable water monitoring systems and instruments for oceanographic & limnologic use.


Propipe Website

Since its formation in 1998, Propipe has been designing and manufacturing pipeline inspection gauges (PIGs) for the oil and gas industry. An ongoing commitment to providing a fully engineered and tested range of pipeline pigs has positioned Propipe at the forefront of its market and has seen the Company grow significantly.

RBR has been designing and manufacturing high precision instruments for oceanographic research since 1976. Based in Ottawa, Canada,  RBR is now run by a team of enthusiastic engineers and oceanographers and produces instruments calibrated to WOCE standards. RBR invests considerable effort into research and development, which is carried out in collaboration with customers to ensure that the instruments produced are precisely what the customer wants and can afford.

Rowe Technologies

Rowe Technologies Website

Rowe Technologies, based in San Diego, California, offer an extensive range of ADCPs & DVLs to suit applications from inland/coastal waters to the deep ocean. Their doppler instruments represent the cutting edge in acoustic technology, having been designed by a team of engineers with over 250 years of combined acoustic system development experience. Rowe Technologies have been pioneers in doppler system development since their inception, with particular focus on dual frequency technology.

Severn Marine Technologies LLC

Severn Marine Website

Biofouling control is a key consideration for the deployment of marine instruments, and specialised platforms used for scientific, military and commercial oceanographic sensing. The accumulation of biofouling decreases data quality, increases maintenance cost, and until now has limited the use of some sensor types and platforms for long term deployments.

The ClearSignal® antifouling protection system provides permanent protection for marine instrumentation and specialised long term immersion platforms such as gliders and underwater barriers.

The ClearSignal coating is a result of a joint development effort by Severn Marine Technologies, LLC Annapolis, MD and Mid Mountain Materials Inc. of Mercer Island, WA. The product was originally developed for the offshore seismic exploration industry with later adaptation for the larger oceanographic user community.


SubCtech Website

SubCtech have more than 25 years scientific and industry-based experience in marine technology. SubCtech focuses on the production of subsea power solutions such as high capacity Li-Ion batteries for a range of applications including AUV power. Additionally, they produce a range of environmental monitoring solutions including pCO2 analysers and large integrated measurement systems for research vessels.

Turbulent Research

Turbulent Research Website

Turbulent Research designs and manufactures low power data acquisition and signal processing products for sub-sea, industrial and remote locations.  Their aim is to help customers get the best quality sensor data possible, reliably, easily, and affordably.  Turbulent Research are experts in underwater acoustics, real time processing, and low power embedded circuit design for long term and autonomous instrument deployments.

Turner Designs

Turner Designs Website

For over 40 years Turner Designs have been providing sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use fluorometers for environmental and industrial uses. They specialise in the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds.