Innovasea – Real Time Aquaculture

Wireless Real Time Monitoring of Aquaculture Sites


Innovasea have developed a wireless aquaculture monitoring system called aquaCurrent, which allows producers to monitor environmental conditions online in real time. Each farm is populated with a suite of cableless sensors called aquaMeasures, which use a unique underwater acoustic transmission protocol to send data to a central telemetry unit called the aquaHub. The aquaHub pushes the data online in real time, over the WiFi, cellular or Iridium network.

Other monitoring systems – e.g. meterological stations, current monitors and wave and tide sensors – can also be added.

With their real time environmental monitoring and data analysis solutions, Innovasea are setting the stage for the next generation of aquaculture production.

Key Products

AquaMeasure Sensors

AquaMeasure is a family of compact, submersible environmental sensors with underwater and in-air wireless communications, sending data in real time.

By combining underwater communications with cloud-sync technology, aquaMeasure delivers a user experience that is intuitive and unique, enabling mass amounts of data to be gathered from underwater environments and sent seamlessly to the cloud.

All aquaMeasure sensors measure temperature and tilt alongside their initial parameter, such as Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Salinity (SAL), DO/Depth (DOD), Chlorophyll (CHLA), Turbidity, BG Algae (Freshwater & Marine) and CDOM/FDOM.

Each sensor enables mass amounts of data, are easy to install, factory calibrated and robust to even the harshest ocean conditions.

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AquaHub Telemetry Box

AquaHub is the core of the Real Time Aquaculture system, it is situated at the surface and can be easily mounted on to existing infrastructure or feed barges. The Hub receives real time data via a multi-channel hydrophone deployed in 10 m water depth and can support up to 100 sensors within a 500 m range.

With the understanding of remote aquaculture environments, the aquaHub was developed with a variety of telemetry communications such as SMS, Iridium Satellite Network and Wi-Fi. It is also designed in a robust, waterproof housing to withstand harsh open ocean conditions.

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AquaCurrent Online System

AquaCurrent is a cloud-based software which allows the user to visualise their data in real time, via computer or iOS and Android app.

The software is user friendly, provides analytic tools which enables the data to be viewed in a preferred format, can easily group data together for analysis, and offers information on battery health for each aquaMeasure sensor.

AquaCurrent can also help to prevent mortality events by letting you know if something is wrong at any time via notifications and alerts which provide crucial updates in real time.

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"Excellent Program - it's a staple for what we do on the farm now."

Greg Foreman, Cermaq

"The equipment is reliable, easy to install and the aquaCurrent software has been helpful."

Ronald Dyer, MOWI Scotland Ltd

"The aquaMeasure sensors are easy to use and install within the system - they've completely changed how we monitor the farm."

Stewart Rendall, Cooke Aquaculture

About the Company

Innovasea are at the forefront of innovation and are a trusted source of technology, knowledge and underwater data. They are based in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada and are the global leader in enabling sustainable solutions for studying and growing fish populations within freshwater and ocean systems – promoting healthy and productive fish farms on a global scale.

Innovasea bought Vemco and Real Time Aquaculture two years ago, producing two separate internal companies. RS Aqua began working with Vemco in 2013, having significant involvement on a number of important projects – such as the Moray Firth Project in 2019. The capability of Vemco fish tags to transmit environmental conditions led to a development of wireless real time monitoring using acoustic telemetry.

RS Aqua began working with Real Time Aquaculture at the start of 2019 and aim to introduce these innovative wireless systems into the UK and Ireland, already acquiring interest from large aquaculture and fish farming companies – particularly in Ireland and Scotland.