ClearSignal® – Anti-Biofouling Coating

Permanent biofouling protection for marine instruments


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ClearSignal Brochure
Original RS Aqua images showing Vemco VR2W receivers after a 3 month trial testing ClearSignal anti biofouling solution

Two Vemco VR2W Receivers after a summer deployment of 3 months in a warm marine environment. Left receiver with ClearSignal anti-fouling coating applied, right receiver with no coating.

Original images from RS Aqua showing Vemco VR2W one coated in clearsignal coating and one not

The same two receivers after cleaning. The left receiver, with ClearSignal anti-fouling coating applied, shows almost no biofouling remaining, while the right receiver with no coating still shows some persistent biofouling.


Key Features:

  • Robust polymer coating able to withstand offshore use
  • Non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Long term effectiveness with no diminishing of antifouling performance over time
  • Visually clear – instruments and platforms retain all marking and identification features
  • Designed to last the lifetime of the instrument or platform
  • Significant reduction in downtime caused by biofouling

ClearSignal® is a passive non-toxic polymer that acts as a biofouling inhibitor and foul release coating, orginally developed for the offshore seismic exploration industry with later adaptation for the larger oceanographic user community. The permanent coating is designed to last the life time of the platform or instrument that it is protecting.

Unlike traditional antifouling systems which rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal biofouling protection remains 100% effective with no diminishing performance. The product formulation is also adjusted for the particular marine application.

Customer Testimonials

Teledyne RDI

“The product being is being successfully used on underwater seismic streamers and undersea gliders and ADCPs by a number of science, defence and industry users. In these applications the coating has shown to reduce biofouling accumulation and to greatly reduce the adhesion of the biofouling growth that may be present. The latter makes removal of the bio-growth much easier. TRDI and SMT can state that to date, the use of ClearSignal has been beneficial and the coating is not adversely affecting the performance of TRDI ADCPs.”

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego

“ClearSignal has been used clear signal on the fleet of Spray Gliders for the past three years. The institute reports excellent biofouling protection and coating durability.”

Teledyne RESON

“Other Teledyne MARINE brands have had ClearSignal® as their preferred antifouling for several years and the feedback from customers has been second-to-none. This includes the Port of Vancouver, who have had their Horizontal ADCPs (HADCP) for over 10 years with outstanding results. The ClearSignal® coating on the HADCP eliminated all barnacle damage to the units and has greatly reduced the maintenance requirements of the instrument. Now, Teledyne RESON also approves ClearSignal® as their preferred antifouling coating for the SeaBat T-series multibeam echosounders.”


“To analyse the acoustic impact of ClearSignal, multiple tests were performed on an HPT 7000 unit, before and after coating with the polymer. These tests included transmission at various frequencies and receipt at various frequencies positioning and noise. They concluded that there was very little acoustic impact resulting from the ClearSignal coating.”