RS Aqua's own Acoustic Release Canister - ARC - for simple recovery of seabed moorings

ARC: Acoustic Release Canister being deployed on the COMPASS project

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ARC allows you to confidently deploy and recover your Vemco receiver with no surface marker or buoy, as well as facilitating further data collection by attaching other sensors to the ARC. The system enables easy retrieval of your surface anchor, is low cost & easy to maintain and includes lifetime product support from RS Aqua.

There are 3 depth ratings available for the ARC:

  • The ARC – 150 m rope capacity
  • The BARC (Big ARC) – 300 m rope capacity
  • The LARC (Long ARC) – 450 m rope capacity

The ARC system is made up of two main sections; the upper plate and the rope canister.

Upper Plate

The upper plate attaches to the VR2AR mooring brackets and holds three 11” 8.4 kg buoyancy trawl floats. This section ascends to the surface when the VR2AR acoustic release is activated. One end of the rope (coiled inside the rope canister) is also attached to the upper plate.

Rope Canister

The rope canister is attached to the release lug at the base of the VR2AR and the seabed anchor. Each standard canister holds up to 130 m x 4mm Dyneema rope or 65 m x 8mm Poly Prop rope with larger canisters available if required. As the upper plate ascends, the rope is spooled out of the canister allowing subsequent recovery of the seabed anchor.


The ARC system is built with robust, high quality materials, no moving parts and minimal fittings. This reduces failure points, minimises maintenance, whilst keeping total costs low. It is designed to present a low profile in high tide and current environments, and all parts can be removed for easy replacement and cost effective shipping. A covert version of the ARC – the Defence ARC – features a more streamlined squared float, making it ideally suited for RIB-based deployments.


RS Aqua have worked closely with the COMPASS project (Collaborative Oceanography and Monitoring for Protected Areas and Species), providing numerous ARCs, Vemco tracking equipment and technical support. This project monitors the migration success of Atlantic salmon and fish trout when leaving rivers and coastlines before moving into the open ocean.

Key Features:

  • Acetal & Machined Delrin construction
  • 30 kg standard payload lifting capacity
  • Buoyancy: 3x 11″ trawl floats; widely available off the shelf
  • ARC – 150 m rope capacity
  • BARC (Big ARC) – 300 m rope capacity
  • LARC (Long ARC) – 450 m rope capacity
  • Rope: 130 m of 4mm Dyneema or 65 m of 8 mm Poly-Propylene

The ARC acoustic release canister retrieval system is designed specifically for use with Vemco VR2AR fish tracking receivers and Ascent Acoustic Releases. The ARC Acoustic Release Canister brings your acoustic release receiver to the surface whilst leaving a rope attached to the anchor for easy recovery of all sea bed infrastructure. Additional sensors such as PAM acoustic recorders, CTDs and cameras can be mounted to the ARC system.

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