We supply high-specification marine instrumentation and submersible systems to scientists and engineers, and we’ve been doing this since the 1980s.

We have some of our own products, like Wave Radar REX and RS-ORCA acoustic recorders, but we also have a global network of partner companies who design and manufacture cutting edge technologies for many, many different marine applications.

All of our technical staff are marine scientists or instrument technicians by training, which means we can provide advanced technical support, application advice and lifetime product support to each and every one of our customers.  We offer extensive calibration and maintenance services, spare parts and accessories.  All of our sensors and equipment are supported by data processing, data management and telemetry options as required, tailored to customer needs.

We only work with innovative and high-specification sensors, systems and platforms.  We work very hard to ensure that all of our equipment is easy to use, is of the highest standards, and is fully supported by our team of technical specialists here in the UK.

Our team of technical specialists will work with you to identify the most appropriate solution for your requirement.  If we can help you, we gladly will.  If we can’t, then we’ll let you know who can.


We are marine scientists, oceanographers and marine instrument technicians.  We are highly skilled, passionate about our work, collaborative by nature and easy to deal with.

Martin Stemp

Managing Director

Martin keeps the ship steady and ensures that we are remain focused on the three pillars of our business: total customer service, product excellence and continuous improvement.  When not doing that, Martin actively works with our customers and collaborators on a variety of projects.

Martin studied Oceanography, Marine Biology and Environmental sciences at Bangor and Plymouth Universities, before dabbling in consultancy and business development for a decade or so.  Martin is a council member of the Association of Marine Scientific Industries.

Terry Edwards

Technical Director

Terry and his team offer pre and post sales technical support for all of our products and services.  Terry not only runs our Datawell Service and Calibration Centre, but he can also assemble, disassemble, fix and test to failure almost anything.

Before RS Aqua, Terry spent 13 years at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton as a seagoing oceanographic instrumentation technician, specialising in deep water sensors and moorings.  Prior to that, he was at Trimble Navigation, and Plymouth University.

Sam Forbes

Application Scientist – Oceanography & Hydrography

Sam is our specialist in hydrography, mapping, subsea inspection, positioning and water polo.  He now focuses on our Survey and Inspection applications.

Joining us from the University of Southampton, Sam studied Oceanography and Hydrography to MSci level.  Sam’s stints in the Royal Navy, the service industry and agriculture, gave him discipline, determination and a sense of humour (in no particular order).

Ryan Mowat

Application Scientist – Environment & Fisheries

Ryan loves the sea, whether he’s on it, in it, or deep below the surface.  Our specialist in Environmental and Fisheries applications, Ryan is also a founding member of Marine Autonomous Systems Council within the Society of Maritime Industries, and still actively works on scientific publications.

Prior to RS Aqua, Ryan enjoyed a ten-year career in scientific publishing, as managing editor of a major journal.  Ryan then retrained as a Marine Scientist at Bangor University.  Ryan now leads on RS Aqua’s fisheries and environmental monitoring applications.

Katy Pozerskis

Scientific & Technical Sales

Katy joined RS Aqua in 2013 to focus on our core physical oceanographic applications and data services.  Katy is probably the most competitive person you’ll ever meet – don’t get into any sort of race with her, whether it’s on foot, wheels, skis or tennis rackets.

Prior to RS Aqua, Katy spent 3 years with Fugro GEOS as a Project Oceanographer.  Katy graduated with first class honours in Physics and the Universe, before completing her Physical Oceanography M.Sc. at the University of Southampton.

Gary Lyle

Finance & Operations Manager

Gary joined RS Aqua in 2014 to manage the finance functions of the company, as well as overseeing the smooth running of company operations.  Gary’s 20 years of experience in the SME light engineering sector are put to good use with the various tasks we throw at him.  Prior to finance, Gary travelled the world as a SCUBA instructor.

Sean Kellie

Instrumentation Technician

Sean spent over three decades in the Royal Navy largely as a helicopter technician, maintaining equipment, systems and inventories to impeccable standards.  His work standards and multitude of electro-mechanical maintenance skills are put to good use in our workshop testing, servicing and reassembling all types of subsea equipment that our wonderful customers have broken.


Environment & Fisheries

We work with most UK and Irish agencies, fisheries management bodies, and many ecological consultancies to supply fish and aquatic animal tracking systems, such as Vemco acoustic tags and receiver arrays.  RS Aqua’s marine and environmental scientists are on hand to consult on study design, equipment selection, complimentary technologies (e.g. water quality sensors, satellite and RFID tags, acoustic releases, data management), as well as providing ongoing project support. In addition, fisheries and aquaculture customers benefits from our systems to measure waves, currents, bathymetry, turbidity, pollutants and more.

Environmental consultancies, agencies and research bodies rely on RS Aqua for consultancy and support on sensors selection for offshore and inland water mitigation studies, pollutant monitoring, oil spill, water quality, bathing water directives, waste water monitoring, marine mammal tracking and detection, underwater noise and PAM.

Marine Science

We work with every University, Research Institution and Government Agency with a marine or aquatic focus in the UK and Ireland.  Our sensors and equipment are used and relied upon by Oceanographers and Marine Scientists operating in every Ocean, from the equator to the Arctic and Antarctic.  We have worked with partners in academia to e.g. develop seafloor lander systems for collecting environmental data via a deep water observatory, powered by intelligent battery packs and data loggers, with various options to get data to the surface and onto cloud based servers.  We are a key framework supplier for marine autonomous systems to Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) funded organisations.

We do also supply equipment and services to many Universities and Institutes for non-marine applications, e.g. fluorometers for civil engineering / dye tracing exercises, water quality sensors for waste water studies, Iridium satellite telemetry services for all sorts of applications, and much much more!

Offshore Resources

We are a trusted global supplier, with long term relationships with key industry players throughout the world. We work with oil and gas majors, offshore wind companies, developers, survey companies, systems integrators and various maritime operators to supply sensors, systems, software and expertise.

Our sensors typically used to monitor wave conditions, currents, underwater noise, bathymetry, oil spill and various other parameters.  Our maritime customers source complete measurement systems from us, e.g. to monitor real-time wave heights from ships, fully integrated with an MRU or gyrocompass for vessel motion compensation via our custom built software.  Subsea engineering equipment, such as high performance rechargeable batteries, data loggers, buoyancy and glass instruments housings are also supplied.

Survey & Inspection

Offshore survey companies, inland water surveyors, hydrographers, ROV, AUV and Glider operators benefit from RS Aqua’s equipment and services, for many applications.  For example, our sensors, beacons and asset tracking devices on installed on ROVs, AUVs and gliders around the world.  Our sensors and measurement systems are used to characterise meteorological and oceanographic conditions, measure various environment parameters, map the seabed and shipping channels with high-end multi-beam echo sounders and side-scan sonars, and much more.

Our customers in military and security domains use our sensors and systems for e.g. measuring real-time oceanographic conditions during ship trials, asset tracking, geo-intelligence gathering, underwater noise monitoring and more.

Case Studies

Go Big or Go Home: instrumenting the nearshore

Go Big or Go Home: instrumenting the nearshore

February 24, 2017

Autonomous Data Transmission System for WaveRadar REX

Autonomous Data Transmission System for WaveRadar REX

September 14, 2016

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider swims 2,808 nautical miles

Liquid Robotics Wave Glider swims 2,808 nautical miles

July 6, 2016

Datawell DWR4 Wave Buoy – End to End System

Datawell DWR4 Wave Buoy – End to End System

June 15, 2016

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