RBR Ltd are bringing us weekly oceanographic webinars

By March 31, 2020News
RBR logo, RBR T.ODO, RBR Quartz and RBR ruskin app

Our Canadian partners, RBR Ltd, are bringing us 10 weekly webinars every Wednesday to introduce new instruments, applications and methods – giving everyone a break from tireless remote working during these uncertain times.

RBR have been designing and manufacturing oceanographic equipment, particularly submersible loggers, since 1973. The webinars are inclusive of details on RBR’s inductive-conductivity cell, exploring the new RBRquartz3 BPR| zero, assessing the RBRcoda T.ODO optode for long term deployments, and many other topics.

The webinars will take place every Wednesday at 12 PM (EDT) (5 PM BST), starting April 1st, 2020. Follow the link below for a full list of webinars, including overviews and air dates.