RS Aqua supply multi-channel RBRmaestro loggers with Turner Design fluorometers for long term coastal observatory project

By December 1, 2017News

RS Aqua have supplied three fast-response RBRmaestro CTDs with integrated Turner Designs fluorometers to Bangor University for a long term coastal observatory project measuring high resolution oceanographic, meteorological and water quality data parameters around the coast of North Wales.

Capable of measuring up to 6 times every second, these customised RBRmaestro loggers will be deployed for several months at a time in areas of high tidal current speeds. They will collect conductivity, temperature and pressure via RBR’s full oceanographic specification fast-response CTD, with turbidity and fluorescence data collected via fully integrated Turner Designs Cyclops-7  fluorometers, fitted with wipers to keep the optical sensor heads free from fouling.  The equipment is to be used as part of a series of collaborative R&D projects with commercial partners operating in the marine renewable energy sector.

RBR’s multi-channel maestro loggers offer users flexible measuring schedules, optional fast sampling up to 32 Hz and ample power for extended deployments. Twist activated WiFi communications and external serial data and power connections make these loggers ideally suited to both moored and profiling applications.