RS-ORCA Passive Acoustic Recorder


A high specification, multi-channel passive acoustic recorder for capturing rich, broadband, underwater noise data.

Product Description

High Specification

The RS-Orca is an underwater acoustic data acquisition and recording instrument that supports multiple input channels and extremely high sampling rates so that it can be used to capture, record and process, in real time, the richest underwater data sets possible. RS-Orca supports five synchronously sampled analogue and hydrophone inputs in its standard configuration.  Sampling rates are configurable up to 768 kHz with 1 TB of internal solid state storage.  This product features an open Application Programming Interface (API) so that researchers and scientists are free to program the electronics with their own custom algorithms, or draw from a constantly growing library supporting spectral analysis, detection, directional signal processing and more to build unique applications.

A Flexible Passive Acoustic Recorder

The RS-ORCA is easy to use, deploy and configure, and is flexible enough for almost any underwater acoustic measurement scenario. Applications include underwater noise characterisation, marine mammal studies, underwater detection and localisations. Your data can be recorded and processed autonomously or streamed in real time via Ethernet.

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RS-ORCA Datasheet

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