Location Beacons - MetOcean Data Systems

Location Beacons

A range of xenon flash, VHF radio, Argos and Iridium satellite beacons for surface to full ocean depth marking of maritime assets. Most common mode is to activate on surfacing.

  • For ROV, AUV, moorings and lander activities
  • Proven robust design rated to 7300m
  • Self contained and remote head versions
  • Various OEM formats for product integration
  • Fast delivery combined with relatively low cost

Locating your surfaced asset in 139 million square miles (360 square kilometres) of ocean is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Novatech location beacons have assisted operators to recover marine assets for many, many years. They are available in Xenon Flash, VHF Radio and Argos Satellite versions with a variety of sub formats covering surface to full ocean depth applications.

Most commonly a pressure switch will be included to enable the beacon to remain quiescent for many months or years but still be ready to activate on surfacing. Low power electronics, high visibility double flash facilities, tuneable power outputs, precision telemetry tuning and highly robust mechanical design features have all combined to make the Novatech range the one to protect your assets.

Typical applications include routine fitting aboard ROVs and AUVs and it is rare to find a high value mooring string or seabed lander without one or more Novatech beacons aboard.

The ST-400 range offers high visibility, double flash, xenon, optical location units. The RF-700 beacons transmit VHF pulses and the AS-900 type uses the Argos satellite service to beam location data from anywhere in the world. Combo units combine Xenon flash and VHF radio. Accessories include a Direction Finder for the VHF range and a “skirt” to enable surface tracking of oil spills etc.